10383881_307439452750152_4243924280384258778_nI was born in Romania, in a large family. We were six children and I was the youngest. My father lost his sight in a work accident, before the age of 30. He only recongnises me by my voice… he has never seen me, but he always knew how to make me see his love for me. My mother worked all her life in the night shift so she could be home with the kids during the day.

My childhood is shaken by the communist regime led by Ceausescu. I remember the long queues formed hours before the arrival of the truck with chicken or milk. We, the children, had to keep the place for our parents who came only when they had to pay for the food. We had some sort of foodstamps to buy food with. People who had many children could buy more halfs of bread and more milk. The oil was sold per ladle.

During al those years, I had a passion for colors and would use any piece of paper to draw something. My mother always encouraged me, and she would often buy watercolors with the money for milk or electricity. She never forgot to buy watercolors and drawing pads after taking her monthly pay.

My older brothers used to painted in oil on canvas, but I loved the watercolors.
I was almost 14 when the people in Romania rose up against tyranny and overthrew Communism. There was a strange period where my generation quickly shifted from communism in the so-called democracy and I remember being very confused. The previous principles and concepts were no longer valid in this new system and many young people had much to lose bacaus of this.

After going to a vocational school I moved to another city to study theology.
In all these years after communism I continued to paint and after graduation I started working for a publishing house as an illustrator of children’s books.

One day I received a computer from a friend in the U.S. and was so happy, but I had no idea about how to install it or turn it on. Until then I had only known about the existence of yahoo or google. I started to learn step by step how to use a computer. Then I discovered software like Adobe Photoshop, dreamwiver, painter and others and I was very excited.
Years passed and now I live with my family in Spain. I stuck to the fine arts which I now blend with technology. I paint, do photography, graphic and web design .