Yorke“I am afraid of life” I remember saying to myself when I was about 20. I so wanted to live a life worth living – so afraid that I would live a wasted life. I knew people who were afraid of dying but for me the thought of living an unfruitful useless life was one of the significant forces that formed my being.

I am a farmer’s son and sowing and reaping, birth and death are part of my life. My Dad loved me and was proud of me but I was arrogant and judgemental towards him. It may have been because he sowed with hope but when it came to reaping drought, worms, rust and hail had destroyed the crop and I feared this would be what I would become. Now I have a good relationship with my father. I told him how sorry I was for my unkind judgmental attitude. “That’s OK son” he responded and I realised that he had forgiven me even while I kicking him (figuratively that is). Other childhood wounds (I believe we all have them) led me to become a classical ‘co-dependent’ i.e. a person addicted to the approval of other or a Mr Nice Guy. This too has formed my being.

At the age of 20 I found myself lonely, empty and in need of forgiveness. I told God that I needed reality in my faith. I told him that if He was real I would give myself to follow Him. The unknown God that I cried out to has now become known to me. I am not afraid of life and I am not afraid of death but I would love to be there for those who are. I have sympathy of those who face life with fear, anger, troubles and struggles. I hope I can help. I am also very aware of what a great gift life is. The focus of my life is helping others find abundant life, healthy life and long life. The best way I know how to do this is to point to the inner resources that each of us were born with. I want to show and lead others to The Good Way.

Now I am over 60. Most of my life I worked as an Educator but now I call myself a Health Educator. I have been a Photographer, run my own business, have qualified as a Retinal Photographer and done a variety of odd-jobs. I am a qualified “lay counsellor” and I am studying towards becoming a clinical counsellor. I am earning a living by educating people living with diabetes to manage the condition so they can live abundant lives. I spend time with a person in their home with their family or friends. I facilitate small groups and I teach large groups. My focus or area of speciality as a Health Educator is Diabetes but the same principals apply to Hypertension (high BP) and Lipidemia (high Cholesterol) and being overweight.

I want to help you tap into your own inner resources. Dreams. Faith. Understanding. Wisom. Where Knowledge is needed this too I may be able to help you with.