Banting 2.0

Transform yourself and your health through our brand new Banting 2.0 program

If you are settled in your mind and heart to go the Banting or LCHF or Real Meal Revolution route the On-Line Banting 2.0 course is excellent I will get commission on every sale – so please do use this link.

I am also doing 1:1 monitoring and coaching for people who want the extra help. This is especially for people who have Diabetes or who are at risk of Diabetes. Please contact me for more details.

At a later stage I hope to set up small support groups. The plan it coming together! The structure of these groups will be a six week course called “The Daniel Plan

Two Introductory Videos

  1. Banting’s Testimony The Good Way 2016  (8.5 min)
  2. Banting 2.0 The Good Way (4 min)

In a nutshell the web site below should answer most of your questions.  There are 10 YouTube video’s by experts in their  field. Each of them not only teach and give us an understanding of Low Carb High Fat diet they live this way of life themselves. Click here for details

Weight Loss was the most common reason people take up a Banting Life-style but for almost  all people this  form of eating has many benefits.  Clarity of thinking, overcoming depression and more energy seem to be the most common  benfits.

My  focus as a Certified Banting Coach (CBC) is people who have Diabetes or  who are at risk of getting Diabetes.

There are many others who have benefitted from understanding and walking the  low carbohydrate life-style but I mention two  interesting categories:

  1. Endurance athletes (I am Banting because I want to start running marathons and DV do the Comrades (a double marathon) in June 2017.
  2. To stabalise our metabolism especially our  hormones. How to eat to  get pregnant is a YouTube video that is an excellent example of this. Click here for details

What  has amazed me is that There are a number of excellent web sites, scientists and testimonies by people who live the Banting.

Banting’s Testimony The Good Way

Banting 2 0 The Good Way

On-Line Banting 2.0 course

You want facts?