Health Education

I am a qualified to teacher both in South Africa and the UK. My working in Health started in 2007 when started working as a Retinal Photographer in the UK. I was particularly drawn to the power retinal photographs have to give insight to patients with regard to the state of their diabetes. I qualified as a Diabetic Retinal Screener in 2011 and at the end of that year when I came to South Africa I called myself a Diabetes Educator.

I have done various other courses and had a range of experiences and so now I call myself a Health Educator with a speciality in Diabetes, Lifestyle and Community Health. I am also qualified to do HCT (HIV Counselling and Testing). In 2013 I did a lay counsellors course with the (Applied Counselling and Development Institute of South Africa (ACDiSA).

One of the most significant courses I did was “Protecting Youth from Sexually Transmitted Diseases” that was issued on behalf of the “Federation of Islamic Medical Associations” as it brought me into contact with Muslims who live in Pretoria and gave me an excellent introduction into Islamic Culture, Religion and well thought through program of sexual education that covers all ages especially young people.