There are in my understanding 3 Types of Diabetes:

  • Type 0 – at risk of getting diabetes
  • Type 1 – insulin dependent
  • Type 2 – insulin resistant

Everybody in the world belongs to one of these. A person with Type 0 can overnight find they wake up with Type 1 or as they get older and less active the chances grow that the get upgraded to Type 2. Then Type 1s can become Insulin resistant and they end up with double diabetes and Type 2s can overnight find their beta cells are knocked out by some sort of auto immunity.

Whether you are Type 0, 1 or 2 basic treatment is Food, Faith, Focus, Friends and Fitness. There is no end to the detail of each of these areas of life we can reach. The Daniel Plan has these five areas as the pillars of the program and they are for everyone – each and every one of us.


We eat our medicine – food is more significant for our health than medication. I am not suggesting you minimise the importance of your medication but I would like to suggest all of us need to make our food rank higher than our medication. Of particular importance for almost all of us would be to increase our vegetables, salads and fruit. Addition dietary fibre can also be of great help by forming our stools in such a way that toxins from our gut and bows and cleaned out. Add to this water, at least 1.5 litres a day. I am feeling better already as I write about these simple truths.


I have just spent a very pleasant hour with a lady of 74 whos husband of 77 works very day 6 days a week leaving home before 7h00 and back after 17h00. He wants to work till he is 80 and he very fit and may well make it. She is not so fit, probably a bit depressed and very lonely. They have a beautiful garden and a beautiful home. His work day in and day out is with colleagues and clients every day and his social needs are well catered but he seems totally blind to his wife’s need for friends. She needs others and others need her. I was able to encourage her to speak her “truth in love” to her husband. She spoken to him in in the past and she can do it again. We all need friends! A meal shared with friends tastes much nicer and is healthier. Being with others we exercise our spirits and our ‘faith muscles’ are strengthened.


For people with diabetes walking briskly for 30min a day (150min a week) contributes in a remarkable way towards regulating our blood glucose and there are many other benefits like reducing stress, clearing our minds and overcoming depression. I try (and encourage others to as well) to have a broad range of exercise. Do what you can of what is below – and have fun!!!

a)    Walking or other forms of aerobic exercise
b)    Core muscles – sitting on a large ball and other balancing exercise
c)     Weight bearing – push-ups for example – our own body weight is perfect
d)    An-aerobic exercise – for example short 4 x 30 seconds spirits where you use up oxygen faster than you take it in and need to huff and puff afterwards and finally.
e)    Stretching – I should be trying to stretch for at least 5 min a day, preferably 5 min 3 or 4 times a day.

Also relating to fitness is rest and sleep. This is of particular importance as our bodies and our souls are restored as we sleep. Most adults need at least 7 hours sleep a night and make every effort to catch your dreams.

Faith and Focus

(our minds) are also important areas of health but for now I will leave you to get on with your walk with the translation of a Latin poem, and the original for fun because it contains in the first line a well know saying a healthy mind in a healthy body.  The phrase comes from Satire X of the Roman poet Juvenal (10.356). It is the first in a list of what is desirable in life:

You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.
Ask for a stout heart that has no fear of death,
and deems length of days the least of Nature’s gifts
that can endure any kind of toil,
that knows neither wrath nor desire and thinks
the woes and hard labours of Hercules better than
the loves and banquets and downy cushions of Sardanapalus.
What I commend to you, you can give to yourself;
For assuredly, the only road to a life of peace is virtue.

In Original Latin:

orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.
fortem posce animum mortis terrore carentem,
qui spatium vitae extremum inter munera ponat
naturae, qui ferre queat quoscumque labores,
nesciat irasci, cupiat nihil et potiores