Good doctors try to work out what causes your symptoms and where possible they will treat the causes and not the symptoms.

There seemed to be two distinct types of people who would end up with the pissing evil. There were those who tended to be young – well under 45 and even babies. They had the symptoms of toilet, thirst, tiredness and thin (the four Ts) that would seem to come very quickly – a few weeks mostly. The speed and severity was marked and often they would end up in hospital in a coma. These people needed insulin from the start of being diagnosed.

The other sort of person was almost always over 45, was overweight especially around the waste and the symptoms like going to the loo to urinate 3, 4 or more times in the night seemed to get worse so slowly they would mistake the symptoms for a condition called “old age”. The symptoms of these people could often be reversed just by exercise and eating right.

Doctors were able to recognise these differences very early on. Initially the first group was given names like “Insulin-dependent diabetes” and “Juvenile diabetes”. With so many names it made sense to settle on one name and so today we know with is Type 1. The cause of Type 1 Diabetes is that the pancreas produces no or too little insulin because the Beta cells that produce the insulin are attacked by the immune system, i.e. it is an auto-immune disease. This means that the immune system attacks the beta cells where insulin is produced. This sort of diabetes has a genetic component but it is not a strong link. I have a good friend, Bev who has an identical twin sister Julie. Only Julie has Type 1 Diabetes but Bev does not. If you or your child has Type 1 Diabetes and you asked me “Why?” and would shrug my shoulders and say “I don’t know why. Life is not fair and nobody said it would be”.

The other type also had a lot of names like “late onset diabetes” and “obese diabetes”. This too needed a single name and it was given the name Type 2 Diabetes. This type of Diabetes is very strongly genetically linked and it seems that 80{be6871294f3f29402c95d74738919e0f5649a19f08275ffafda9af1392636fa3} of people who have Type 2 are overweight or obese with fat around their waste. There are many people who have all the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes like being overweight, over 45 and direct family with diabetes but they seem to avoid getting Diabetes. I don’t know why! Life is not fair and nobody ever said it would be.

The number of people with Type 1 diabetes is growing faster than the population growth – and nobody knows why this is so. The growth of people who have Type 2 is much higher than the population growth and it is put down to our modern diet, being very sedentary (not working physically or doing physical exercise) and stress.

If you are diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and tablets seems to be working for 6 months or more then you will be know as Type 2 for the rest of your life even if you have to go on to insulin. People who are Type 1 need insulin from day one to control their insulin and if they need tables it is for another condition. Although the medical world tend to all agree there is no cure for Diabetes there is evidence that where people are highly motivated and maintain a strict diet diabetes can be reversed. The Newcastle University under Professor Roy Taylor did this groundbreaking research that proves conclusively that for most people (probably 80{be6871294f3f29402c95d74738919e0f5649a19f08275ffafda9af1392636fa3}) with Type 2 Diabetes the cause of their diabetes is excess weight. If this weight is lost their bodies are able to control the glucose in their blood to normal.