About my Book – The Good Way

The rough plan is to
Learn to Write – Blog – Vlog (Video Blog) – drink beer and wine and talk and read. To meditate and pray.  To engage as much as possible with those around me and to learn and where possible bring light and healing. And then? Then write a book based on the Blog, Vlog, Beer and Wine drinking sessions and all the other things I mentioned above.
Everything has a beginning ... and this Blog is firstly for me ... and then hopefully family, friends and enemies will enjoy it and help me shape it.
The beginning is ... well I don’t know where to begin ... first I thought I would anchor my Blog on Blood health ... “life is in the Blood”. Then I thought that relationships are the core of what life is about ... the whole universe is about connection and relationships, even the unseen electrons that whiz around the nucleus of a single atom is about relationships. But most importantly our relationship with each other. I love those words and concepts like reconciliation, restitution, renew, restore, rebuild .... there are more re’s but I can’t think of them.
Well it seems that what I will build my story around is Banting. The biggest medical problem in the Western World today is obesity and diabetes ... and these two are linked reasonably closely much like our left leg is to our right leg. And Banting and his story is largely about beating Obesity and Diabetes – Type 2 Diabetes that is. So if you ask me “Why do I start there?” I will say “Well it is because of Willie Sutton’s Law. And if you ask me “Willie Sutton? Who is he?” I will say "the answer to that question is in my next blog."