Faithful Endurance

William Banting (1787 to 1878), was a very successful undertaker but in his own eyes, he was a failure for the first 65 years of his life because of his weight.

I connect with William Banting. Firstly because of his faithful endurance ... for about 30 years he tried to lose weight, tried to find someone who could help him lose weight. From his short booklet that he wrote at the age 65 I have got to know him. Not well but I feel I would like to be more like him in many ways.

He was extremely active, self-disciplined and had the resources for the very best doctors of his day. He consulted with the very best, only the best, and traveled across England from North to South to all the four corners of England.

Then Banting was continually grateful.  He thanked all those doctors and experts he consulted. They had given him the best they knew and gave him their attention.

He was extremely generous. Once he had found this amazing miracle he set out to help others. The first two editions he gave out for free but then with the last 3 editions (3rd, 4th, and 5th) he set the price only to cover the cost! He did indeed make a sizable profit but he gave it all away.  He had been accused of writing the booklet to make money and so he went out of his way to accurately account for every penny profit he made from the sale of his booklet. He gave way every penny he made to charitable causes. This too he published with his booklet in the 4th and 5th editions.

So at the age of 66 he found his true calling and purpose of life. It was to help others who suffered from obesity, or as he called it, corpulence.

It is not difficult reading between the lines to assume that William Banting had grown up as a commoner and poor. He remained humble as he saw his business grow and as he became very wealthy. When he succeeded to find out how to lose weight he remained humble. 

Banting’s booklet "A Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public," became a best seller and was translated into several languages. It has been reprinted a number of times by different people over the years.

William Banting was born poor and a commoner. When he died he was greatly honoured and appreciated. His earnest desire and was that the “Faculty” would discover why simply removing or almost removing all “saccharine matter and starch” resulted in Sustainable Weight Loss. Today we understand why we become overweight and so we understand how to lose excess weight and keep it off.  Banting’s earnest desire and prayer has indeed been answered.  Banting did not understand why this worked ... and it seems that only later did the doctor who had helped him, Dr William Harvey, understand why it worked.

Today I am setting out to write my own story. William Banting is my prime motivation for this blog. There are many others like Prof Tim Noakes. You are also my motivation. Even if you do not have Diabetes or a weight problem this story will help you live longer, stronger and wiser – and with purpose. The principles and spirit of The Good Way are based on eternal truths and good science will always agree with eternal truths.

God bless you, your family and those who come after you!!!