My life as I see it unfolding in the next 12 years!

On July 28, 2018, Amie Rogers, a young American mother of four, spoke a prophetic word. Amie had almost no knowledge of Africa. The word she said rang true for me at the time, and it still does. Amie titled it: "Prophetic Words for Africa and Scotland. 'I Am Restoring the Land! I Am Pouring Out My Glory!'", Amie Rogers, Peoria, IL, USA.

quoteI was given a glimpse of Africa recently. My first look was what many would imagine—war, poverty, scorched, and dry land. But then the Lord showed me His plan for this continent. It was lush and green with crops in abundance, which none of us could imagine. I saw fields and fields of crops almost engulfing entire countries that would bring about an astounding level of food and financial provision.

aco party logoFive months later, I visited the Mooiplaas informal settlement for the first time. It rained the night before. The air and the ground were wet, and you could smell potential. Daryl Hardy, speaking to mainly young people, kicked the soft, damp earth and said: "Africa is rich with minerals, and the soil is fertile."

Both Daryl and Amie heard and saw God's heart for Africa. The truth is that the Holy Spirit was asking us to open our eyes, ears, and especially our hearts to the potential of Africa. If we genuinely believe this, we will see it. As we partner with the LORD to see His Kingdom come, we will indeed see an astounding level of food and financial provision. It is the transforming power that only the Gospel can bring.

daryn mooiplaas

dgm logo followjesusIt is now, May 1, 2021, almost three years ago, since I heard Amy Rogers and Daryl Hardy voicing these promises over Africa. They apply to the whole of Africa. I sincerely believe they will come to pass.

After the initial five to six weeks of the COVID19 lockdown in South Africa (starting March 26, 2020), I got more involved with Dare to Love. I saw how my ability to love continuously grew. I developed "love muscles" and exercised them well, finding them fun, exciting, heartwarming, and meaningful. It was neither difficult nor hard work. Maybe this sort of outreach does not come easily to everyone. I can assure you that God knows your ability, gifts, and the desires of your heart. You, too, will know joy as you submit to His will for your life.

The Car Story

On September 13, 2020, somebody donated a fantastic car to me! Only three weeks later, on Sunday, October 4, a beautifully fresh and wet spring morning, I headed out to Mooiplaas. I met with Lovemore, a leader of Shona-speaking recyclers from Zimbabwe.

Receiving the car opened up several ventures, and each became an adventure. Below are links to two four-minute videos where I share these stories.

Later, on October 4, 2020, God launched a Disciple-Making Movement in my heart and life. It coincided with my first visit to Mooiplaas since the start of lockdown and the first time I ventured deeper into Mooiplaas. I was alone, but I knew the LORD was with me in my excellent new car. Disciple-making became such a reality for me.

1 John 1 to 5 personifies Chapter 1 of my COVID19 lockdown story for 2020 and probably for the rest of my life. I urge you to read it!

Chapter 2 is all about the Disciple Making Movement (DMM) and learning how to use the Discovery Bible Study (DBS). It is backed by Matthew 28:16 - 20. Could you read it and take note of the what the Commandments are and what the Principlas are?

At this stage, Chapter 3 remains incomplete. Still, a full circle will complete it as I reconnect with my health heroes, William Banting, Professor Tim Noakes, and Jonno Proudfoot, to point a better way forward for our health, specifically focussing on diabetes and obesity.

Chapter 4? Well, by the goodness and grace of God, my sons, their wives, and my grandchildren will fill my remaining days! God willing, I will die old and full of years.



So, where will my first journey go? I am not sure, but my heart desires to go to Zimbabwe to experience first-hand the reality of this country. Also, to visit Matthew and Winnet, two Shona-speaking recyclers who became friends and family to me.

A few days ago, Winnet texted me:

quoteZimbabwe doesn't have money. How is your car? I want to come back and work for the children so that they can go to school.
Is it possible to get a job? How is the Word of God? Here we are traveling with the word praying to God to change the situation in Zimbabwe.
Thank you. Zimbabwe is hard. There is no money, no food. I want to come with Matthew. My two children want to go to school. I want to work hard for my children. It's tough. I really want to come to South Africa.

For people like Matthew and Winnet, their life in a squalid squatter camp like Mooiplaas is tough. There is no running water in Mooiplaas, South Africa, no sewage, no electricity, and no proper roads but it is better for them than being at home in Zimbabwe.

The car that Winnet mentions above is the Toyota Prado featuring in my videos. On 14 March 2021 it broke down and was uneconomical for me to repair. Its replacement is on its way. As soon as possible, I would love to visit Zimbabwe, and specifically Kadoma, Matthew and Winnet's village. It is my prayer that I can be part of directing them towards prosperity and abundance to Africa.